The LoveHowl: The Chase EP Review

The Chase is the debut EP of The LoveHowl, comprised of Amy Sheehan (singer, songwriter, and guitarist), Alex Sherba (lead guitarist), Jonathan Vergara (drummer), and Jonah Durning-Hammond (bassist and violinist). This EP consists of five gritty songs which all contain an overall essence of easy but edgy rock, although each track manages to stand apart from next. All five pieces have catchy melodies and an abundance of backbone, which makes them go-to selections for those days when you may need a bit of a brazen musical pick-me-up.

Sheehan’s voice adds interesting qualities to every piece on The Chase, between her smoky tone and frequent mixing of vocal registers—especially accented in the beginning of “Game of War,” which starts off with a brief a cappella segment by the front woman. “Fooled” and “’Til I’m Found” both tap into the rougher, more boisterous realm of alternative rock, while “24” possesses a slightly more melancholy undercurrent near the opening of the track. While mentioning openings, “Rhode Island” has a simple, solid, and beautiful instrumental kickoff which manages to hook the listener from the outset.

The Chase is sure to please those who seek a condensed album with good content which packs a musical punch.

The Review: 7.5/10

The Big Hit

– Rhode Island

Review by Amy Shull

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