Nick Moss Band: Time Ain’t Free Review

Nick Moss is no stranger to the scene. The five Chicago artists (including Moss) combined to make The Nick Moss Band are both fan and blues icon favorites alike. Moss heads the group, playing guitar and vocals, but the Nick Moss Band also features Michael Ledbetter. Time Ain’t Free is the fifth album by the band, and they have quite large shoes to fill with it. Success has been common theme for the band, as they’ve been nominated for 16 Blues Music Awards.

“She Wants It” is the first track of the album. The highlight of the song is definitely the backing female vocals.  “Was I Ever Heard” brings in some more excitement. The rolling drums and guitar solos are catchy. The guitar intro on “Light It Up” is a well done classic. “Light It Up” brings the biggest soul element of the album, with Moss sounding velvety and smooth.

The title track of the album, “Time Ain’t Free” is the most angst ridden track of the album, calling out those in Moss’ life that didn’t work for the things they were granted. The distortion in the track “Gone So Long” brings a little spice to the album. It would have been interesting to see it throughout the album, but its place in the one track brings a nice little pick-me-up. Another strong change-up in Time Ain’t Free comes in the track “I Want The World To Know.” This song is a true love song that features piano and the female backing vocalist. The combination creates a very classy vibe.

Time Ain’t Free tones it down a notch with the sultry ballad “Ez Bree Zee.” Moss sounds soothing and comforting in this one, which is a good thing while you’re talking to your lover. “Bad N’ Ruin” starts slight southern twang, but it tends to sound like many of the other songs on the album, which makes it somewhat forgettable. Ending Time Ain’t Free with “(Big Mike’s) Sweet Potato Pie” was a smart move. The track has a funky danceable vibe, complete with synths and strong bass lines. The fun name plants a seed in the listeners mind and makes Time Ain’t Free memorable.

Time Ain’t Free is a great album for die-hard fans of the genre. Moss and Ledbetter sync together extremely well, it’s clear to see why they’ve chosen to work together for so long.

The Review: 7.5/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– I Want The World To Know
– Light It Up
– Time Ain’t Free
– Ez Bree Zee

The Big Hit

– I Want The World To Know

Review by Alysha Rendflesh

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