Dudley Taft: Screaming In The Wind Review

A time-tested veteran to the game, Dudley Taft is at it again. His discipline in the blues is well respected, and his compositions pay homage to just that. His newest album, Screaming In The Wind, continues his tried and true resume.

Dudley delivers some versatile tracks, ranging from ballads to head bangers, bluesy head bangers. “Pack It Up” is a jazzy tune, chock full of that good ‘ol brass section. “Red Line” is a complete 180 from the former. This track kicks things up a notch, with a powerful, driving riff that sinks its claws deep. This tremolo of sounds culminates into a high-octane solo on lead guitar. “Screaming In The Wind” is a little Hanni El Khatib, with a steady, edgy riff throughout. This one pits guitar and vocals against one another, as they duke it out for sole ownership. This track also boasts nice harmonies with solid keys and percussion to back it all up. “Sleeping In The Sunlight” turns the tables for an unexpected sound in the mix. Dudley brushes off the slide for this tune. A tasteful acoustic intro entwined with electric licks, this song has a catchy beat and chorus.

Screaming In The Wind is a classic example of Taft’s talents. He offers an admirable testament to the blues to all those out there seeking something of the nature. His talent is not missed, as it shines through on all tracks.

The Review: 8/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Pack It Up
– Red Line
– Say You Will
– Screaming In The Wind
– Sleeping In The Sunlight

The Big Hit

– Sleeping In The Sunlight

Review by Don Tice

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