Turk Tresize: Soul Casino Review

Australian born and raised Turk Tresize is a fresh and down-to-earth artist who crosses genre lines and barriers to create music that is powerfully refreshing, bringing bright and diverse flavors to the blues rock scene, embracing southern rock and country as well as his blues rock inspiration. His sound is entirely unique; influences range from AC/DC to Hank Williams Jr. to Black Sabbath. Soul Casino is undoubtedly a well-crafted piece of work, complete with enchanting harmonizations, interesting instrumentations, and the raspy, gravelly vocals of Tresize, which carry the music by means of his passion for the bluesy tales being told. Turk Tresize has something so inspiring to offer; his raw talent and breathtakingly beautiful compilations will not go unnoticed.

Soul Casino begins with “Daddy Wazza Roller,” a seemingly personal account of his father’s struggles with alcohol. The song is undeniably catchy, upbeat, and blues driven, and is complete with the favorable harmonica. The next four tracks are more mellow in their nature. The second track, “Direction,” has a nearly ominous sound and is a song that seems more purely and classically rock inspired. The song is about losing one’s sense of purpose and embracing the feeling of being so lost. “Karma Wisdom” similarly gives off the southern rock vibe, complete with wholesome harmonies and wailing guitars. “Da Wheel” has a somewhat pop-rock like quality, and a soft, pretty, female voice supports Tresize’s in both this tune and in “Nice to Know,” which also embodies a very laid-back quality, one which is almost angelic. This background vocalist plays a part in much of the album.

“Miles ‘n’ Miles” picks up the pace a bit and incorporates a really unique mix of sounds and instruments, and yet Tresize makes them work so well together. In turn, this song is one of the most musically creative on the album. “Rollin'” is a track with a groovy bass line, a steady beat, and a fabulous rock-and-roll prowess. Any listener would be so inclined to rock on. “Wasted” is a song about just that — being wasted. Consistent guitar licks and riffs, a heavy and upbeat tempo, and passionate vocals make this song nearly a rock ‘n’ roll staple. “Held a Rose” is a gorgeous track carried by an uplifting melody which is interestingly so fitting in contrast with its sad story. Finally, “West on Train” starts out with a quiet, controlled verse and subsequently surprises the listener with a bold, rock ‘n’ roll chorus. The song fades out, and the album ends quietly.

Turk Tresize embodies such raw talent and an obvious love for what he does. While listening to Soul Casino, it feels as though one is slowly discovering such a respectable and enlightening musician and artist, just as he himself discovered his love and passion for music many years ago in his Australian homelands. Soul Casino is an admirable album, the songs embodying many of the qualities which make it so.

The Review: 8/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Direction
– Rollin’
– Held a Rose

The Big Hit

– Held a Rose

Review by Jill Jacobs

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