Mount Carmel: Get Pure Review

Filling the airwaves with some good old rock ‘n roll noise, Mount Carmel take the stage. Their new album, Get Pure, is sure to please those with a tasteful ear. The band, comprised of James McCain, Matthew Reed and Patrick Reed, deliver a classic sound. They rock steady, as Bad Company once did, with a suave, soulful vibrato. Reed channels his inner Paul Rodgers, a cool, calculated rebellion.

Simple riffs and strong vocal presence give way to delicate solos, alluding to one big jam session. It’s a simple formula, whose positive results arise from the talents of the three gentlemen at the helm. Driven by a common goal to uphold the sanctity of the genre, rock and roll will never rest easy. The band dabbles in darker waters on this album. Heavy riff-driven tracks pack a killer punch. “Back On It” maintains this steady riff and edgy vocals. This leads right into “Whisper,” an adrenaline rush from the start. Like skiing down Mount Carmel high on mother nature and the sweet sound of a pounding guitar and drum. “No Pot To Piss” brings it down a few notches, highlighting vocal harmonies, and adding a bit of that psychedelic ‘60s style they hold dear.” Swallow Me Up” features one hell of a bassline, and ultimately builds to a high octane guitar solo.

With deliberate progressions and simple layering, Mount Carmel take care of business on the album. Listen all the way through, and you’re sure to be left with a good taste in your mouth.

The Review: 8.5/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Back On It
– Whisper
– No Pot To Piss
– Swallow Me Up
– Hangin’ On

The Big Hit

– Whisper

Review by Don Tice

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