David Grissom: How It Feels To Fly Review

How It Feels To Fly is the latest solo release from prominent blues rock guitarist David Grissom. Having played with some big names in his career, Grissom focused his skills on making his own way in the industry in 2007. This album continues on the same path.

The song “How It Feels To Fly” is a good base example of what Grissom has to offer. Many other tunes have a rather standard approach when it comes to song writing, which leads to a slightly repetitive sound. From the first half of the album it’s hard to define a track by its individual merits. “Way Jose” however gives us a fiery flavor of what Grissom can do with the guitar.

“Overnight” makes use of the acoustic element and distinctly leans towards a country influence. The vocals have a softness that benefits the song, but they lack the intensity and grit when it comes to the more rock based melodies. The last four live tracks round off the album. It’s a record that almost doesn’t feel finished, like we are waiting to hear that mind blowing tune. Grissom is most certainly an accomplished musician and that is the main positive from How It Feels To Fly.

The Review: 7/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Bringin’ Sunday Mornin’ to Saturday Night
– How It Feels To Fly
– Way Jose
– Overnight

The Big Hit

– How It Feels To Fly

Review by George Ward

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