Albert Castiglia: Solid Ground Review

Albert Castiglia’s latest studio album, Solid Ground, takes form as a focused and soulful record that could easily be considered his best work. Recorded at Fat Rabbit Studios in Glen Ridge in New Jersey, this album is tattered with gritty electric blues and poignant melodies. Castiglia and his band, Matt Schuler (bass/vocals), Bob Amsel (drums), Jeremy Baum (B3/piano/wurlitzer), Lou Bevere (guitar/vocals), Debbie Davies (guitar/vocals) and Dave Gross (multi-instrumentation/production), create a dynamic sound expressed by 14 buzz-worthy ballads.

The album opener, “Triflin’,” sets the tone of the record with an electrifying pulse brought to light by Castiglia’s spectacular riffing. It becomes immediately clear this man is well trained in the art of the blues. It’s almost as if he created a self fulfilling prophesy on “Searching the Desert for the Blues” when he sings “there’s always someone out there…” Castiglia explores more soulful territory on tracks like “Sleepless Nights” and “Hard Time,” and crafts some scorching guitar solos around these smooth melodies. “Going Down Slow” proves the proficiency of Castiglia’s band, showcasing a brilliant solo on the keyboard.

One of the most spectacular cuts from this album, “Little Havana Blues (Arroz Con Mango),” creates space in Santana-like rhythms to fashion a modern blues treasure. As a guitarist, Castiglia is out of this world. Even on acoustic cuts like “Just Like Jesus,” Castiglia makes his talents evident. Overall, Solid Ground is a dynamic, well-produced record that maintains a stunning representation of modern blues rock. Undoubtedly, the next couple years look promising for Castiglia.

The Review: 8/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Triflin’
– Sleepless Nights
– Searching the Desert for the Blues
– Little Havana Blues (Arroz Con Mango)
– Going Down Slow

The Big Hit

– Little Havana Blues (Arroz Con Mango)

Review by Ryan Artmann

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