John Butler Trio: Flesh & Blood Review

If someone brought up the subject of protest songs that scream the world’s problems, John Butler would definitely come to mind. However, the latest release from the man and his companions takes a turn to focus on human relationships and all their botches in love and romance.

Whether it’s acoustic or electric in hand, Butler’s guitar prowess is always a delight to listen to. “Spring To Come” is the first track on the album and demonstrates the trio’s soothing melodies, whilst the lyrics reflect on the brutal reality of human infidelity. The second track “Livin’ In The City” immediately changes tone, blaring out a fuzzed up guitar riff accompanied by a solid beat showing off the band’s blues flavor.

The record has a wonderful array of stories that are mostly drawn from the lives of others, but the single “Only One” is a little different. It is a strange depiction of zombie love with a juxtaposing upbeat feel. A highlight of the album is “Young And Wild.” The resonating instrumentation blends perfectly with the evocative lyrical tale of a defective junkie romance, truly haunting.

It’s hard to sum this album up with a few words. It has so much dissimilarity in terms of musical production. From heavy layered rock beats, to subtle lingering melodies, the one thing that is consistently brilliant is the story behind every track. It is an album that delves into the construct of human nature and lays it down in a most bare and often charming way. It’s an album that could be played on repeat until the sun comes up.

The Review: 10/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Livin’ In The City
– Devil Woman
– Only One
– Young And Wild
– Wings Are Wide

The Big Hit

– Only One

Review by George Ward

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