Tom Keifer: The Way Life Goes Review

Listening to Tom Keifer can take one to a number of unique places by the means of a single album. From a visit to the ’80s classic rock scene to today’s contemporary pop takeover, with a touch of blues here and a bit of country there, Keifer certainly proves his musical capabilities, which are intriguing and ring true to flawlessness. Better known as the leader of the Philadelphia-based blues rock group called Cinderella, Keifer is now, too, a solo artist, with the release of his debut album, The Way Life Goes. The record is described as “introspective” and “raw,” a written reflection of Keifer’s fifteen years of dedication and perseverance towards his musical career. These admirable qualities have led him no doubt to high places, from a successful band, a novel solo career, and even a comparison to Mick Jagger — I’ll certainly be spreading the word.

The album begins with “Solid Ground,” a tune that starts the record off right with a catchy, melodic guitar riff followed by a heavy metal growl. The song has an ’80s vibe and is undeniably contagious. “A Different Light” has a completely opposite feel, but it is just as wonderfully crafted and is truly quite a beautiful song, one which sheds light on Keifer’s skills with pop and country music. “It’s Not Enough” and “Cold Day In Hell” bring back the ’80s feel with solid beats, wailing guitars, and high-pitched, rockstar vocals. “Thick and Thin” is a powerful, heartfelt ballad accompanied by a rocker’s gravely vocals and upmost sincerity. “Ask Me Yesterday,” another slower song, is both regretful and reflective in its nature, with lyrics like “I had all the moves / I knew just what to say / So ask me anything at all / Ask me yesterday.” “Fool’s Paradise” is an enlightening track with a take on the world today and how it’s truly far from a real paradise.

“The Flower Song” is a twangy, mellow, acoustic tune that harbors the sounds of summer. In contrast, “Mood Elevator” and “Welcome To My Mind” are heavier, edgy songs with dark, twisted senses of humor, both which seem to be personal reflections of Keifer’s inner self. “You Showed Me” is a song of honor and attribution to someone who “Showed [him] how to live again.” “Ain’t That A Bitch” calls out everything he has been through with a certain person, but that, in the end, “You can’t break a wild horse, baby / “Ain’t that a bitch.” “The Way Life Goes” is an upbeat yet complacent track that discusses the mishaps, misfortunes, and bad luck that accompany everyday life, while sort of laughing in the face of it all. The final song on the album, “Babylon,” ends the album with a bang — powerful, raunchy, and so very rock ’n’ roll.

Tom Keifer is bringing black classic rock for a generation that needs it in his brand new solo record that will surely be pleasing to many. His songwriting is sincere and his melodies are most enjoyable and memorable; the album’s rhythms are tight and the record itself is wild and fun, but is also a carefully crafted work of art. Not one song falls short of another, for each has something worthwhile to offer to the listener, and to the world — just like the songwriter himself.

The Review: 9/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Solid Ground
– Ask Me Yesterday
– Fool’s Paradise
– The Flower Song
– Welcome To My Mind

The Big Hit

– Fool’s Paradise

Review by Jill Jacobs

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