Innes Sibun: Lost in the Wilderness Review

With the stateside release of Innes Sibun’s Lost in the Wilderness, 2014 is already off with a bang. Based in Bath, England, Sibun’s name has yet to gain the star power of other prominent guitarists marching blues into the 21st century, but his credentials are eye-popping nevertheless. Aside from playing in Robert Plant’s band, Sibun has opened for some of rock’s most influential guitarists, including Johnny Winter, Taj Mahal, and Peter Green. On his latest solo record Lost in the Wilderness, Sibun steps into the lauded role of the guitar hero, lending his own flair to the tradition he carries forward.

The album launches with “You Can’t Miss What You Never Had,” a speedy song that rollicks along at a steady clip. The title track follows, a thoughtful piece that assesses past mistakes before diving into a three minute-long guitar solo. Though a handful of other solos appear throughout the record, the episode in “Lost in the Wilderness” is by far the most impressive, allowing Sibun to delve deep into the blues and leave other songs remarkable for the inventive compositions and spunky spirit they display. As “Fly Too Near to the Sun” adapts the myth of Icarus to a modern storyline, “G’zan Hoedown” is fast and fun, one of two instrumental tracks on the album (the other being “Where Are You”) that exists largely for the sake of being playful and enjoying the music Sibun and his band create.

After listening to the album from start to finish, one is left with the sense that the completion of this album was no chore: Lost in the Wilderness was likely as satisfying to record as it is to listen to. While songs like “Double Trouble,” “When the Love Breaks Down” and “Twice as Strong” are sprinkled throughout the album to rein the tempo in, the majority of the record is filled with songs that jump and slide, taking traditional blues sounds and styles and running them toward new possibilities. When Sibun and his band retreat on “Goin’ Home,” they leave in their wake a collection of material that proves the bright future of the blues.

The Review: 8/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Lost in the Wilderness
– Double Trouble
– G’zan Hoedown
– Fly Too Near to the Sun

The Big Hit

– Fly Too Near to the Sun

Review by Meghan Roos

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One thought on “Innes Sibun: Lost in the Wilderness Review

  • This is by FAR the BEST CD I have heard in YEARS!!!! Innes deserves his place among the Guitar GREATS!!!!


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