Coen Wolters Band: Illumination Review

First track and we’re off. Coen Wolters takes his style to new levels on Illumination. With infectious riffs and emotionally driven vocals, the new album is a sure treat to fans new and old. A funky, bluesy sensational swirl of sound, one might say.

Off to the races, Coen starts out with two sizzling tracks, “Time Of Day” and the single, “Complicated.” Both equal parts funky and soulful, Stevie Wonder meets Stevie Ray. These two numbers draw you in and don’t let go, as if to stare directly into the eyes of the beast. Coen turns the knob down for the next few of the set. “I’m Gone” layers lead and rhythm, as his intricate soloing meets the tangy backbeat that tingles the senses. “Brand New Day” is a downright classic blues track, building up to a massive solo. The curtain is closed upon the likes of “Devil’s Train.” An in your face blues rock rendition, the pace is fast and the licks are tasty.

Coen Wolters continues to prove his intrinsic talent on the axe, as well as behind the mic on Illumination.  A true testament to the blues and to his staple in the spotlight of blues rock, the album is full of riffs that bite and lyrics that howl.

The Review: 8.5/10

 Can’t Miss Tracks

– Time Of Day
– Complicated
– Yellow Eyes
– I’m Gone
– Devil’s Train

The Big Hit

– Time Of Day

Review by Don Tice

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