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Originating from Houston, Texas, blues rock band The Beans bring us their new self titled album, which is brimming with raw power and promising musical ingenuity. From a casual jam session to supporting acts like Alabama Shakes and The Meat Puppets, The Beans have risen from those humble beginnings and look ready to break into the blues market with style.

“Wanting You” is the first track off the album and arguably the signature tune. It has a pounding ferocity produced by the fuzz-toned guitar, hammering rhythm section and squalling vocals from Sam Griffin. This is a formula for blues success and it all seems inherently tight, as though these guys could simply stand in a room for days thumping out a tune.

It is often the case with blues rock bands to produce rigid quick tempo songs that have a flurry of pacey solos as though it is a competition to see whose fingers can catch fire first. The Beans have the ability to hold back and opt for a slower beat as heard on “Washaba” and “Devil Woman.” It is a great opportunity to get lost in the music and lyrics. “Life’s Luxuries” is another track to listen closely to as well.

In all, there are a lot of positives regarding this album and the band in general. With a sound so fresh and unrefined, many will look to comparing them to others like The Black Keys. That is not needed, The Beans can stand alone. They appear to have an unbinding ethos that goes hand in hand with making music and it is great to listen to.

The Review: 9/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Wanting You
– Wabasha
– Devil Woman
– Life’s Luxuries
– Carnal Constant

The Big Hit

– Wanting You

Review by George Ward

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