Left Lane Cruiser: Rock Them Back To Hell! Review

Welcome to the left lane. Left Lane Cruiser is comprised of Freddie “Joe” Evans IV on slide guitar and vocals, alongside Brenn Beck on anything and everything he can get his hands on; this includes all things percussion and harmonica. This duo packs more sound into one room than your high school marching band ever could. They bring the delta blues to new light, with classic motifs construed and reconstructed into one hard-hitting “rock’n’roll noise,” as they call it.

LLC jump start the engine with opening track “Zombie Blocked,” an endearing sentiment to an apocalypse-crazed society of late. Boasting the sweetest buildup this side of the Mississippi, Beck kills it, making use of cowbells, tin pans, and anything else you might find in your mother’s pantry. “Electrify” features Beck honkin’ on bobo, along with a singing slide solo by Evans. “Juice To Get Loose” turns down the distortion, for a quick break between the madness. “Jukebox” features a signature riff, with a catchy progression and vocals that take you by the neck. This is followed up by “Coley,” taking it down once again for a bit of a ballad. Of course, it’s about a woman.

Left Lane Cruiser certainly knows how to get your attention. At first listen, you may think this must be a four piece, a true testament to what these two have created. They’ve given life to a perfect niche within the blues rock community. Their rugged, raucous, wild-eyed rock’n’roll, complete with slide guitar, garbage cans and distorted microphone, take you on a Midwestern steamboat ride to hell and back.

The Review: 8.5/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Zombie Blocked
– Electrify
– Juice To Get Loose
– Overtaken
– Jukebox
– Coley

The Big Hit

– Jukebox

Review by Don Tice

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