Julia & The Basement Tapes: The Basement Sessions EP Review

Even without the cut of Crossroads at the end of The Basement Sessions EP, it would be clear that Julia & The Basement Tapes love Eric Clapton.  A hark back to the earlier, more tumultuous days of blues gone by, the debut EP from the Sweden four-piece is slow, warm, and familiar without being redundant.  The mix on this EP is tight and subtle, allowing smooth guitars to waft in and showcasing Julia’s phenomenal vocals.

Hands down, “Money” is the track to remember from this release.  Smooth and sexy, the warm bass and augmented chords give way to the EP’s most memorable melody.  The other three tracks aren’t far behind though.  “Some Colour” delivers a smart guitar riff and tight rhythm, and “Don’t Take My Heart” is a classic 12 bar arrangement delivered calmly and confidently.  “Crossroads” is the closest to being a little more frantic than the other tracks, utilizing some fuzz and heavier distortion as well as playing at a slightly faster pace than the first three tracks.

The Basement Sessions EP is a thoroughly enjoyable, nice little package of tracks that excites me for what a Julia & The Basement Tapes LP might sound like.

The Review: 8/10

The Big Hit

– Money

Review by Richard MacDougall

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