The Steepwater Band: Live and Humble Review

The Steepwater Band’s latest live album Live and Humble  was recorded at the Ace Bar in Chicago, IL. Live and Humble is set to release on December 3 and is presented with a release party at the historic Double Door Theater in Chicago, IL. The Steepwater Band has been active for nearly a decade and currently consists of Jeff Massey (guitar and vocals), Tod Bowers (bass guitar), Joe Winters (drums), and Eric Saylors (guitar and backing vocals).

The album starts off pleasantly dirty and heavy with “Remember the Taker.” The song really highlights how polished the band can be while still staying true to their roots.  Massey’s voice sounds especially smoky and rich throughout “Off the Rails.” Thanks to the crowd’s cheers and applause throughout the album, the energy is very high and the good vibes flow throughout the whole album.

Even though the band is based in Chicago, they have a welcoming southern feel. Even the banter between songs has a slight hint of southern twang. In “Come on Down” the rock vibe and guitar is in full force.  “Dance Me a Number” is aptly named. One of the heaviest songs on Live and Humble, it is hard to stay in just one place throughout the song. Vocals and guitar are equal in power on this track, balancing each other extremely well.  The chorus of “Sing me a song, and dance me a number to your feet” is catchy and bodes well for an in-show sing-along from the crowd. The track “High and Humble” sounded like a crowd favorite. It is also source of inspiration for the album title Live and Humble.

This album also features a well done cover of “Boom Boom.” The cover is a great nod to The Steepwater Band’s roots. The song spans nearly 17 minutes and gives the band a chance to really let loose and jam out. One of my favorite aspects of this live album is how genuinely thankful The Steepwater Band seems to be in regards to their fans coming to the show.  You can always respect a band that keeps grounded throughout their career.

“All the Way to Nowhere” is another strong track off of Live and Humble. The song is guitar heavy but balanced nicely by percussion highlights sprinkled in at the right moments. The album is wrapped up with the song “World Keeps Moving On.” This song is a well thought out ending to the album. The song is smooth and flows well. This song also gives the drums a little spotlight at the end to draw the song to a close.

Live and Humble is a well done live album. The Steepwater Band knows how to work the crowd at the right times and they can work a song to fit the live setting effortlessly. Being veterans to the scene works in their favor for this album. Live and Humble is certainly well done live and the band is still humble.

The Review: 8/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Off the Rails
– Come on Down
– High and Humble
– Dance Me a Number
– Boom Boom/How Many More Times

 The Big Hit

– High and Humble

Review by Alysha Rendflesh

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