The Grave Dolls: Calypso EP Review

The Grave Dolls are an eclectic, heavy, psychedelic blues rock 6-piece band that seems to take blues to a whole other level. While they are not necessarily my cup of tea, I’m sure they would be quite appealing to a wide variety of listeners, from blues enthusiasts to metal heads. According to the group’s Facebook page, some artists they like include Black Sabbath, Santana, and Deep Purple, which are exactly the sorts of inspiration in which their music conveys.

The Calypso EP opens up with a track called “The Mountains Of Beyond,” a song that incorporates rich, wailing guitar solos, heavy drum rolls, an upbeat tempo, and abrasive rock vocals. This song seems to relate to the concept of eternal life after death, and reassures that no one’s soul lives on alone. The next song, “Making History,” is a passionate, fast-paced tune with a great melody and a story about desire. The third song, “Howlin’ At The Sea,” is a slower, groovier song in which one can really hear the psychedelic influences. The song is a despondent, wailing cry for the desire of freedom and its unattainability, as real freedom rarely, if ever at all, truly exists – “They’ve got no name / There’s no escape / Eternal end.” The next track, “Evil Way,” incorporates extremely catchy instrumentals with harsh and heavy vocals; the song ends on a solid, blues driven 7th. Finally, the last track, “Along The Seas of Mud,” tells the story of a spiritual and emotional struggle, a trapped soul, and a desire to break free.

The Grave Dolls are out to conquer a difficult style but seem to have the technical aspects nailed down with pure talent and skill. While they may cater to a more narrow demographic, I’m sure their EP will prove to be appreciated by the varied gamut of blue rock lovers.

The Review: 7/10

The Big Hit

– Making History

Review by Jill Jacobs

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