Soulstack: Five Finger Discount Review

Canada based Soulstack presents their sophomore effort with their new album titled Five Finger Discount.  Soulstack is fronted by Jon Knight on guitar and vocals. Knight also produced Five Finger Discount. Knight shares songwriting duties with Mark Wessenger who also plays keys. Tom Bona and Josh Knight both return on drums and bass respectively. Five Finger Discount features the addition of Chris Latta on guitar and Harpo Peterson on bass. All members contribute to vocals throughout the album as well.

“Long Way Down” catches the listener’s attention almost immediately. The song is smooth and cool. “Not The Only One” is a song anyone can relate to. It’s about getting on with life, no matter what it throws at you. The upbeat song is an extremely hopeful tune. Rock bleeds through on the track “Fold Up Your Heart,” which rolls on in with heavy guitar that carries on throughout the entire song.

The wheels slow down a bit with “Friend.” The song is undeniably soulful. Knight’s voice carries the song but don’t let that discredit any of the instrumentals. “Have Mercy” is rich and smooth with just a hint of spookiness that makes it unique. “Born to Make Me Cry” is the classic ballad of the album. It brings strong and beautiful emotion to the album.

Short but sweet, “Living Room” is a full on rock n’ roll jam sesh. The song ends with some discussion between the band that makes you feel like you’re sitting right with them as they jam out and play. It’s a great personal touch. For the sake of the band, their current and future fans, I hope “This May Be The Last Time” says nothing about their future. Soulstack has too much talent and potential for this Five Finger Discount to be the last we hear from them.

All of the tracks on Five Finger Discount sound well polished and passionate. There is not a track that comes to mind as a weak track and it’s tough to pick a clear cut favorite.  Five Finger Discount is definitely an enjoyable listen. Soulstack had a clear mission with what they wanted to do with this album and I think it’s safe to say their mission was accomplished.

The Review: 8.5/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Long Way Down
– Not the Only One
– Living Room
– Have Mercy

The Big Hit

– Have Mercy

Review by Alysha Rendflesh

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