John Lyons: Sing Me Another Song Review

Sing Me Another Song is a catchy and ear-pleasing collection of well-crafted songs that seem woven around an unquenchable passion, a broken heart, a hopeful and wistful outlook; whatever John Lyons was feeling at the moment of each musical and lyrical creation, the songs are an open book of honesty, held together by melodies that seem just as inspired. The beautiful and actually highly unique aspect of this album is that nothing seems forced or conformed to a style or a sound; rather, Lyons seems to have written purely from a songwriter’s perspective, with a naturally keen sense of perception and any inhibitions out of mind. He was born and raised in Michigan and has lived in Switzerland since 2001. His musical influences come from a wide variety of the colorful musical spectrum, from heavy rock to hippie generational anthems, from heartfelt soul to ’70s disco; in his music, one can hear unique notes fleshed out in a new way of legends such as Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, and Black Sabbath, and his music certainly proves (in a wonderful way) that the artist doesn’t fall too far from his inspiration.

The album starts off with the catchy, pop-infused track “Another Wave,” a song written of the past and of a newfound longing for the time he and his significant other were once able to spend, time that is now just a piece of the past. “She’ll Tell You No Lies” follows, a track that seems as though it could be found on an Elvis Costello record; a tune of acceptance and regret, this song is the story of losing the woman he always knew he couldn’t keep. The acoustic track, “Believe,” is a plea for the one he loves to believe in their relationship as much as he does. Sweet and hopeful, the song asks her, “Can we try to just get back / Back to simple things, back to you and me / Where it all started from?” because “In this life of mass confusion / We’re tied up in illusions / But there’s still a chance for you and me.” “Waiting for You” is a song written around Clapton-like wailing guitars and yet sings of the mundane routines of daily life, paired with the ongoing impatient desire and hope that one day, he’ll have the woman he patiently waits for. The fifth track of the record holds the album’s title, “Sing Me Another Song;” undeniably catchy and memorable, the song’s melody and seductive story line will hold the listener for days. “Beautiful” is like a ten second moment in time that was remembered and magically crafted into a haunting, 4-minute arrangement – “A warm wind is blowin’ / Through your hair / Sounds of laughter / Fill the air / Sunlight smiles / On your face / I can’t find the words to say it, so I’ll sing it / I can’t find the courage to tell you that you’re beautiful.”

“Helengeli” is a mellow, acoustic song formed around the lyrical promise that his love is undying and unquenchable, no matter where she goes or who she becomes. “Under the Stars (Dancing Again)” is another ballad of a song written around a short yet unforgettable moment in time between two inseparable lovers. “Dear James (She’s Cheating On Me)” is the diary of a breakup, the discovery of the most heartbreaking realization and feeling of deception any man or woman could have – “I found a letter from my baby / While I was lookin’ for my smokes / ‘Should I read it’, I thought, ‘Yeah, maybe’ / Here’s how the story goes / It said ‘Dear James,’ that was my first clue / That this letter was not meant for me.” “The Blues Moved In” is the reality of what it’s really like to be alone – “That night that she moved out / The blues moved in.” “Blink of an Eye” is a folksy song with Dylan’s style, a tune with a story-like lyrical style supported by a light acoustic guitar and a bright harmonica. The final track, “Bluestar Highway,” is a grungy, distorted blues rock masterpiece that closes the album out with a bang.

John Lyons is a melting pot of style and inspiration with a collection of stories to be told. His talent is raw and his passion is like a burning fire. With a classic appeal and the obvious desire to communicate that perception, those tales, and the emotion that rules his music, John Lyons will surely be making album after album into the future. Perhaps, too, like the many musical legends that continually inspire him, he will leave his mark on the future with the music he wrote in the past.

The Review: 8/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Another Wave
– Believe
– Sing Me Another Song
– Under the Stars (Dancing Again)

The Big Hit

– Believe

Review by Jill Jacobs

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