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Sean Chambers: The Rock House Sessions Review

Undoubtedly, the latest record from veteran blues rock frontman Sean Chambers is a gutty compilation of legendary musicians and recognizable tunes with a hard edge. The Rock House Sessions was recorded in Nashville with Reese Wynans producing, a first for both Wynans and Chambers.

Chambers certainly knows his way around a guitar. The first track “World On Fire,” is full of 6-string zest. A solid blues rhythm and the odd guitar break makes for a searing opener. Much of that passion for musical ferocity is a tribute throughout the album. However, some tracks tone down the distortion for a more thoughtful approach, especially on certain covers like “Holding On.”

“Choo Choo Mama,” is a pleasing homage to Alvin Lee and holds true to the original. Chambers has pulled together this album with a new style, new backing ensemble and new producer, but it doesn’t really stand out from his previous works. Nonetheless, this is one to crank up when feeling blue.

The Review: 7/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– World On Fire
– Come To Poppa
– Choo Choo Mama
– Holding On

The Big Hit

 – World On Fire

Review by George Ward

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