Black Joe Lewis: Electric Slave Review

With a bellowing, distorted bravado, Black Joe Lewis pumps one infectious track after the next into your veins. This band has one foot stuck in the blues with the other stomping through Iggy Pop’s parents’ garage. Like that Skrillex hairdo that can’t make up whether it wants to go crew or grunge. Speaking of which, the band do touch on hipsters in their new album, Electric Slave.

Starting off swinging, the band delivers “Skulldiggin,” a dark and distorted tale of mind control, tinged with a touch of Black Key-esque power-driven riffs. This rolls right into “Young Girls,” a blisteringly upbeat, toe-tapping track. It’s a blues meet ‘60s garage rock anthem. “My Blood Ain’t Runnin’ Right” comes complete with trumpet and sax, laid over a grungy guitar rhythm. The real gusto is given in the vocal performance, a scorching, in-your-face growl, pissed his ‘blood ain’t runnin’ right’. “The Hipster” takes the lot, in a fun, rollicking tune, as upbeat as they come.  The song has a classic blues backbeat, rounded out by a soulful sax solo.

Black Joe Lewis stomps onto the scene in ten-inch leather boots, with a rebel yell and soulful shake. Electric Slave gives great insight into the full potential of the band. This diverse band, chock full of multi-instrumentalists, generate a sound hard to pin down. Either way, a talented, catchy bunch to check out.

The Review: 8.5/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Skulldiggin
– Young Girls
– My Blood Ain’t Runnin’ Right
– Mammas Queen
– The Hipster

The Big Hit

– The Hipster

Review by Don Tice

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