Blueheart Revival: 51 Sessions EP Review

Blueheart Revival comes onto the scene with the age-old adage that the classics never die. With classic blues progressions, their sound is tried and true. Bobby Thompson and Tommy Lepson combine for a vocal styling with the cool collectedness of Clapton, and the mannerisms of Chris Robinson. Toned perfectly for singing the blues, the two offer us excellent harmonies and fun melodies that bring us back to another time. Their EP, 51 Sessions, is sure to stir up some nostalgia.

Kurt Kratch and Gary Crockett provide the backbone with bass and percussion respectively. The tracks all feature a common thread, with prominent focus on the keys, Lepson at the forefront. “Leave It Up To You” kicks the EP off with a fun, upbeat jive complete with a catchy chorus. “Love Has A Way” features Thompson on slide guitar, giving the track a backwoods stomp reminiscent of something out of the ZZ Top catalog. “Don’t Bury Me Yet” takes us into overdrive, with a heavy, relentless distortion. The beat builds to a fiery conclusion, setting Thompson loose on the fretboard.

51 Sessions sheds light on the many shades of Blueheart Revival. The blues are alive and well in this one, even if it took them 51 sessions to get it right. (The title actually comes from the Area 51 Studios where they made it all happen)

The Review: 8/10

The Big Hit

– Don’t Bury Me Yet

Review by Don Tice

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