The Rides: Can’t Get Enough Review

Three veteran rockers recently got together to fulfill their deep love of all things blues rock on their debut, Can’t Get Enough. Each bringing his own piece of the rock ‘n roll history book, Stephen Stills, Kenny Wayne Shepherd and Barry Goldberg make up this dream team jam session. With tastes of CSN and Buffalo Springfield, Stills’ vocals are a well-oiled machine, transporting us back to the heyday of psychedelic rock ‘n roll. Kenny Wayne’s pipes equally shine on his lead tracks, as the duo split the frontman duties. Barry’s keys provide the rollicking backbone that drives each track’s catchy melodies.

The album is power packed with new material as well as covers paying homage to the days of old, including a reprise of the classic Young tune, “Rockin’ In The Free World.” Long time collaborator as part of CSNY, Stills does Young proud. The group also cover The Stooges’ hit, “Search And Destroy.” Kenny’s vocals are nothing short of stellar on the track. Aside from reliving the glory days of rock, the trio shows us they’ve still got it on the new material. “Can’t Get Enough of Loving You” is a heartfelt piece, placing Stills’ pipes in the spotlight, accompanied by soothingly soulful backing vocals. “Talk To Me Baby” is a jazzy tune, featuring Goldberg’s keys and Kenny’s vocals, in this feel-good ode to classic blues. “Word Game” takes us back to Stills’ early days, recalling the melodies and edgy vocal all too common in those rebellious tracks of the ‘60s.

Living up to the hype, The Rides deliver a jam-packed set, covers and originals alike. The album sheds new light on their Woodstock rock vibe, with obvious roots in the blues. Chock full of classic blues backbeats and vivacious soloing entwined throughout, The Rides leave us begging for more. These three longtime friends and collaborators will only raise the bar with what’s to come next.

The Review: 9/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Can’t Get Enough Of Loving You
– Mississippi Road House
– Rockin’ In The Free World
– Search And Destroy
– Talk To Me Baby
– Word Game

The Big Hit

– Word Game

Review by Don Tice

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