Jim Allchin: Q.E.D. Review

In 2007 Jim Allchin left his job of more than 16 years as a Microsoft executive. Since then, he’s focused on his other love: music. To date, he’s released three studio albums, culminating in this year’s Q.E.D. It’s a classic endeavor that takes a bit to get going, but has a pretty good chance of leaving you satisfied once its last notes have faded away.

Through the album, Allchin exhibits his love of the medium. His vocals are true and unyielding, and his fretwork is fairly impressive. His guitar playing unifies the record’s tracks under a familiar bluesy envelope. From a performance perspective, Allchin pulls through and executes his latest studio offering with apparent ease and finesse.

Q.E.D. starts off slow, with many of the tracks in the first half of the album mostly standard blues fare. They’re acceptable, but slightly on the unimaginative side for the most part. Allchin really opens up in the second half though, and pulls out a few very apt rockers that stand quite well on their own and more than carry the album. Of particular note is “Drownin,” an exuberant tour-de-force that serves as the crown jewel of the album.

When the dust settles, Q.E.D. is a fairly respectable album that certainly has its moments, though they’re mostly rear-loaded into the last half of the album. Allchin’s latest release is an adequate example of a present-day incarnation of ages-old blues rock tradition, and a testament to his passion and dedication for the genre.

The Review: 7/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Tried and True
– Evil Minded Woman
– Come On Home
– Drownin

The Big Hit

– Drownin

Review by Tyler Quiring

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