Buffalo Killers: Ohio Grass Review

Cincinnati-based rock trio Buffalo Killers have just released an expanded 10-track version of their EP Ohio Grass, including three live tracks and one new studio track. The band is comprised of vocalists and brothers Zachary and Andrew Gabbard, rocking guitar and bass respectively, and drummer Joseph Sebaali. The new version expands upon the original EP that was released for Record Store Day 2013.

An eclectic group, Buffalo Killers have infused a wide array of genres into Ohio Grass. The first track, “Baptized,” is a heavy and edgy track that’s a great listen for blues lovers everywhere. “Nothing Can Bring Me Down” is a more uplifting tune with a brighter flavor, while “Grow Your Own” brings the EP back down to a deep bluesy feel. “Golden Eagle” is an awesome reggae-infused track to change things up, reminding us: “nothing is exactly what it seems.” “Hold You Me” has a classic rock attitude accented by blues. “Some Other Kind” would have been the final track on the Record Store Day EP,  but instead it is followed by the new studio track “Good Feeling,” a happy and easy-going tune to leave you in a good mood.

After the new studio track, Buffalo Killers included three live tracks exclusive to the Ohio Grass CD and Digital versions, not available on vinyl. “Jon Jacob” seems reminiscent of The Beatles, incorporating yet another kind of sound entirely to keep the album as diverse as it is. “Hey Girl” is a more bluesy track with a great guitar solo by Zachary Gabbard. The final song on the expanded EP, “Move On,” sends listeners off with a country-blues farewell. Overall, the expanded Ohio Grass EP is a great album for lovers of many musical genres, and the added bonus tracks are wonderful additions to the sound of the album as a whole.

The Review: 7.5/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Baptized
– Grow Your Own
– Good Feeling
– Move On

The Big Hit

– Baptized

Review by Eileen Quaranto

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