The Local Legends: Queens Will Review

On July 15, four London-based musicians known as The Local Legends introduced themselves as new players on the rock scene as they unveiled their debut album Queens Will. In the span of ten tracks, the quartet reveals classic rock influences from Eric Clapton to Pearl Jam, maneuvers the double-edged sword of maintaining a raw sound and weaves a few catchy riffs and choruses in for good measure. Though far from mind-blowing, the album is a solid first step for a band well worth a listen.

Combining elements heard in the alternative rock, blues and classic rock genres, Queens Will has its share of emotive moments created by carefully weighed instrumental additives. The opening notes on “Only Way” sets the tone for a reflective piece that deepens as the recurring riff returns just beneath layers set by the drums and vocals. The distant sound of the haunting riff works beautifully on “Only Way,” but there are other pit stops on the album where the hands-off production tactics lose The Local Legends a few style points. The lead vocals on “How Could I” are nearly lost each time the chorus comes around, an issue that reappears to a lesser degree on “Story Teller.” Still, the band rebounds on “Hey Jack,” a well-mixed song that, despite its repetitive moments, comes across as the stuff legends are made of.

The open-ended mood presented in album opener “What” makes it clear The Local Legends are striving to accomplish something cohesive. As the record comes to a close with the delicate “Almost Outside,” the quartet demonstrates their capability of seeing a leading concept through to the end. Even if there are a few kinks to work out for the next record, The Local Legends prove on Queens Will that they have a vision for their music and are more than willing to throw down a few respectable guitar solos when it suits them.

The Review: 7/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Hey Jack
– Only Way
– Rock’in Life

The Big Hit

– Hey Jack

Review by Meghan Roos

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