Jared James Nichols: Old Glory & The Wild Revival EP Review

Jared James Nichols is a true testament to the blues of old, and the revival we are seeing today. Doing his idols proud, Jared hones the likes of Stevie Ray and Kenny Wayne, with soulful swagger and downright dirty, gritty howls. His guitar wails at his command, delivering classic undertones with riffs of his own device.

His EP, Old Glory & The Wild Revival, hammers out five tasty tunes, each track distinguished from the last, while staying true to that classic sound. “Blackfoot” kicks things off, wasting no time on a slow progression. Guitar ablaze, this track is a thrill ride from start to finish, boasting a stellar guitar solo. “Let You Go” features a feel-good melody and chorus, an infusion of modern R&B with the blues. “Can You Feel It” is reminiscent of ZZ Top’s classic blues riffs, with a heavy kick. Jared strips things down on the final track, “Take My Hand.” Opening with nothing more than a kickdrum and banjo, the slow and steady progression builds to a fiery conclusion, when Jared’s Gibson kicks into high gear, accompanied by the ever-beloved cowbell. I got a fever, and well, you know the rest.

This rising act of only 22 years has left us wanting more. Jared proves he can hold his own on the mic and guitar, while delivering powerful riffs, and catchy melodies. I believe he puts it best, reviving the ‘old glory’ of the blues that came before.

The Review: 8.5/10

The Big Hit

– Blackfoot

Review by Don Tice

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