Gino Matteo: Sweet Revival Review

Sweet Revival is the sophomore album for Gino Matteo. Sweet Revival is an apt name for the album; Matteo is a fan of the classic artists in the blues rock realm and pays nod to them while adding his own spin on things. Living in California, Matteo produces and arranges albums for other artists as well as working on his own music career. Matteo has worked with acts like B.B. King, John Mayer and John Fogerty which proves that he is well versed and well rounded in the music industry.

“Here Comes the Lord” is an electric guitar heavy track backed with a choir on the chorus. It comes packed with a soulful feeling that opens the album powerfully. The next track, “Pulpit in the Graveyard” also follows suit. “Coming Clean” stands out as one of the strongest tracks on the album. Flowing in right after “Pulpit in the Graveyard,” it carries the raw and heavy guitar and pairs it with Matteo’s smooth voice. The song talks about moving on and getting over someone without sounding pitiful.

Sweet Revival slows down just ever so slightly with “Take a Chance on Me,” which features both acoustic and electric instruments that complement each other nicely. “Childhood Games” brings the choir backing in full force. Matteo’s rich and smooth voice is only strengthened by the backing vocals throughout the track. Sweet Revival ends with “Listen to Your Mother,” a pleasant track with a nod to the most important woman in life, your mother.

Overall, Sweet Revival is an enjoyable listening experience. There is no single track that stands out as a week point. Each track has a little different sound to it yet they all come together for a surprisingly cohesive album. All parts of Sweet Revival come together to make one great puzzle.

The Review: 8/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Coming Clean
– Here Comes the Lord
– Pulpit in the Graveyard
– Take a Chance on Me
– Grandma Told Me
– Listen to Your Mother

The Big Hit

– Coming Clean

Review by Alysha Rendflesh

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  • Can You Hear That!!! Can You all Hear How F–ng Great this Track is..!!!
    Track of the Year……..


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