Evan Egerer: Evan Egerer EP Review

Rocking on out of Washington, Evan Egerer merges the classic blues sound with a harder rock, almost grunge like feel on this EP. The band consists of Evan Egerer on guitar and vocals,  Taylor Storaci on bass, and Brennan Reed on drums. Although the EP is only made up of four songs, these songs pack a punch.

“Live My Life” has many elements of a great blues song, paired with the aforementioned grunge vibe. The band lists Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains as an influence and one definitely can see that with Egerer’s vocals. Even though the sound tones down a bit with “Lights Out,” the emotions are still strong throughout the song, which keeps the emotional energy high throughout the album. We get one more punch with the last track “On My Way,” a great send off ballad to end the album. “On My Way” is an empowering track with a mix of acoustic guitar and heavy electric riffs.

Evan Egerer draws out a harder rock sound balanced with a classic blues rock feel that hardcore fans of both genres can appreciate.

The Review: 7/10

The Big Hit

 On My Way

Review by Alysha Rendflesh

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