Todd Wolfe Band: Miles To Go Review

Miles To Go is the new album by the three-piece Todd Wolfe Band, comprised of guitarist and singer-songwriter Todd Wolfe, bassist Justine Gardner, and drummer Roger Voss. Todd Wolfe began playing music for New Yorkers back in 1979, and Miles To Go is proof that he’s still rocking to this day. Wolfe played guitar in a number of bands, including Sheryl Crow’s, before forming his own band in 1998. As members of the band have changed throughout the years, Wolfe now rocks alongside grooving bassist Gardner and powerful drummer Voss in Miles To Go.

Miles To Go has a deep bluesy soul with a tinge of Southern rock and a psychedelic vibe. The album’s opener “Nuthin’ But You” combines all these elements into one package, diving right into the band’s unique sound. Songs like “Sunnyvale” and “Locket Full of Dreams” are soaked with blues, while still letting the Southern rock element shine through. “Forty Four,” the Howlin’ Wolf cover, has a more laid-back flow and pays homage to early blues, but Gardner on the bass gives this song an intense groove and a deeper sound. “Day to Day” has an upbeat country sound, and the album comes back down again with the acoustic “I Stand Alone,” in which Todd Wolfe softly confesses that he’s still got “miles to go” on this album. “Stand With Me Baby” is another heavily blues-infused track. Wolfe changes this up with “Come What May,” introducing a reggae-styled track where Gardner’s talent as a bassist really comes through. The album’s closing track, “The Inner Light” is a psychedelic and bluesy cover of George Harrison’s song of the same name, the B-Side of the single “Lady Madonna.”

Miles To Go is Todd Wolfe Band’s eighth studio album since he left Sheryl Crowe’s band in 1998. Wolfe’s current band mates are both incredibly skilled musicians, each adding a unique element to the band’s overall bluesy, Southern, psychedelic sound. Todd Wolfe Band will be touring in Canada and the United States this summer, so check out his tour dates and if you’re around you may not want to miss him.

The Review: 7/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Nuthin’ But You
– I Stand Alone
– Come What May
– The Inner Light

The Big Hit

– Nuthin’ But You

Review by Eileen Quaranto

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