Randy Scott: Out Of The Blue Review

For those who are not so familiar with Randy Scott, the Detroit born and raised guitarist and singer is making headway in the blues rock world. His long overdue debut album Out Of The Blue is hitting the airwaves this month. With an impressive resume of performances both live and recorded, this album is sure to spark interest with established fans and newcomers.

An opening display of catchy blues riff making and a punchy rhythm section set the bar for the following tunes. “Ramblin’ Man Blues” checks all the boxes on the blues rock list and the musical technique is sound. The following track “Whiskey From the Bottle” shows off the array of talent backing Scott. An ear-pleasing walking bass line lays the foundation as guitar and piano licks smoothly interlace over the top.

The influence of other genres is clear. “Never Enough” is enhanced by a distinctly funky tone, heard through the clipped chords and upbeat tempo. “Kisses Like Cherries” adds a sudden change of pace to the record and dives into a sobering ballad. It’s a good song to truly listen to Scott’s vocals. It’s definitely an accomplished voice, but it lacks the boldness and polished tone to make it distinct.

While this is a well-rounded display from the blues man, it won’t be found among the standout albums of the year. It does have a sweet mix of style and skill, an undeniable trait in Scott’s music. This debut record is unquestionably belated, but perseverance pays off.

The Review: 7.5/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Ramblin’ Man Blues
– Whiskey From The Bottle
– Never Enough
– Kissed Like Cherries

The Big Hit

– Ramblin’ Man Blues


Review by George Ward

One thought on “Randy Scott: Out Of The Blue Review

  • I was friends with Randy back in early 1990’s. How can I get in touch with him about his album? Please let me know. Thank you


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