The ThrowDown Band: Let Sleeping Dogs Lie Review

The ThrowDown Band have been kicking around the Boston Music scene since 2009 where they’ve gained a reputation as an entertaining live band with their interesting mix of blues and rock. For their release Let Sleeping Dogs Lie, they combine blues rhythms, some explosive rock guitar playing, and a singer who sounds like he stepped right out of the ’90s Seattle scene.

The album starts off with the uninspired blues shuffle “Walkin Shoes.” Thankfully they quickly change to the unique sounds that set this band apart on “The Day Love Dies.” This tortured rocking minor blues allows ThrowDown’s front-man Eric Savoie’s grunge influenced sound to really conjure the pain of lost love while guitarist Stan Blues Junior swiftly runs up and down the fret board dropping phrases in between the vocals. “Fallen Angel” is another blues shuffle that has a much harder edge than the first one punctuated with Stan’s piercing guitar tone. They again swing back to rock with “Baby Where You Been All Night” with its heavily syncopated rhythm laid down by John Peresada and Dylan Jack.

“Dogs of War”… don’t think of the Pink Floyd Song of the same name. Instead it’s a fast paced guitar shredding screamer that sounds like it could be an Alice in Chains outtake. Everything slows down with the soulful slow blues of “Sexy” where this band really shows off their blues roots as they pull you back and forth to build the tension. Next up is the appropriately named instrumental “Stan’s Boogie” since this is one giant guitar solo over a well done boogie rhythm. “Help Me” is another rocker over a blues shuffle but Stan really lets fly with the pyro on the guitar and shows some heavy metal influence – Judas Priest and Deep Purple to be specific. The album closes out with a cover of the Hendrix classic, “Voodoo Chile.”

The ThrowDown Band is a good blues rock band that is best when they lean on their rock foundation. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie has some stand out tracks. Let’s all hope they focus on more of that unique combination and produce some more of their blues rock for us to enjoy.

The Review: 7.5/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– The Day Love Dies
– Dogs of War
– Sexy

The Big Hit

– The Day Love Dies

Review by Kevin O’Rourke

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