Spin Doctors: If The River Was Whiskey Review

If The River Was Whiskey is the sixth studio album from rock veterans the Spin Doctors. Their 20+ year tenure crafted the mature and fluid sound found throughout the entire album that does not disappoint. The album consists of ten songs with no apparent weak point, just continual jam after jam. It is clear these guys are meant to work together and knew what they wanted to do with this album. With a new album comes a slew of spring and summer tour dates for the Spin Doctors.

“Some Other Man Instead” starts off If The River Was Whiskey and sets the tone for the album. The drums roll up and into the first few chords of the song before Chris Barron lets the now ex-lover in subject know that he’s ready to move on.  The title-track of the album comes alive with plenty electric riffs and smooth crooning lyrics.

The Spin Doctors (Photo: Richard Ecclestone)
The Spin Doctors (Photo: Richard Ecclestone)

Raw and heavy is the best way to describe “Traction Blues”; the most filling track on If The River Was Whiskey. The guitar solo that starts up around the midway point of the track proves that the Spin Doctors are still some of the top dogs of their craft. “Scotch and

Water Blue”  furthers the whiskey homage seen throughout the album with lyrics like “I can taste the future whiskey on your lips.”  In the latter half of If The River Was Whiskey one is left with guitar laden tracks paired thick and full bass lines. If The River Was Whiskey never slows down.

If The River Was Whiskey ends with “What My Love?”, a reminder that Spin Doctors came to provide you with some straight-up blues rock and that is exactly what you are left with. The combination of Chris Barron on vocals, Mark White on bass, Aaron Comess on drums and Erick Schenkman on guitar blends together effortlessly, making If the River Was Whiskey a hit.

The Review: 8.5/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Traction Blues
– Some Other Man
– Scotch and Water Blues
– The Drop

The Big Hit

– Traction Blues

Review by Alysha Rendflesh

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