Little Brother Eli EP Review

The a-typical swagger of Little Brother Eli implores the curious ear and the wandering eye; a funky, hard-nosed blues rock rendition. The band exudes an attitude similar to that of the Arctic Monkeys, with riffs recalling the likes of Dan Auerbach. Alex Grew, with his classic crooner tone, delicately formulates each lyric to deliver a sound soft at its center, wrapped in a hard candy coating.

The single off the self-titled EP, “Animal Fair,” is a powerful gem, filled with strong distorted riffs, and meticulous timing, the lyrics to which we’re still trying to decipher. The catchy, upbeat guitar work is complimented by pounding drum and tambourine accompaniment. “Awkward Positions” takes the tempo down a notch, an aura of mystery, and a drop of darkness give this tune its intrigue. The set closes with “When She Sings,” a swinging jazzy tune, slow to start, building to a roaring instrumental.

Little Brother Eli will strike the musical connoisseur as a fresh take on the music scene. It is definitely worth the time to sit and ponder this band, and all their potential avenues of success.

The Review: 8/10

The Big Hit

– Animal Fair

Review by Don Tice

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