Clangin’ & Bangin’: w/ Hot Air Review

Here’s something slightly different for Blues Rock Review: Clangin’ & Bangin’ is a classy, jazzy team of two that hails from San Francisco and opts to play 20’s and 30’s-era jazz inspired by the music of Chicago, New Orleans, and Texas at the time.

The duo play only two instruments between them; an upright piano and a drum kit, but that doesn’t limit the amount of creativity they muster. w/ Hot Air features – for the first time in the band’s history – a collaboration with horn musicians, making for a high-energy, joy-laden experience, and the two main guys exude enthusiasm through every minute of the performance.

Apparently others think so too, because Clangin’ & Bangin’ have already achieved some impressive notoriety. Aside from ongoing press coverage, they’ve been featured in NPR’s Weekend Edition and have performed during San Francisco Giants games.

If you’re looking for some upbeat, happy tunes to mark the arrival of spring, Clangin’ & Bangin’ may be able to help. w/ Hot Air is fun, feel-good jazz at its finest, and best of all, you can choose your own price if you decide to pick it up on their Bandcamp page.

The Review: 8/10

The Big Hit

-Sweet Pants

Review by Tyler Quiring

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