Andy Poxon: Tomorrow Review

Tomorrow, the second album by talented guitarist-vocalist Andy Poxon, is sure to be a great addition to any blues lover’s collection.  Full of soulful guitar, soaring vocals, grimy B3 and keys, and a downright funky horn section, Poxon’s latest release will catch the attention of anyone who loves the blues.

Full of swing tunes reminiscent of the Count Basie era, slow triplet-based blues ballads and up-tempo shuffles, Poxon displays his mastery of the genre.  The band is outstanding, and Poxon’s guitar lines are extremely mature.  He is a talented player, and is always full of fresh ideas, regardless of the tune.  His vocabulary is impressive, containing elements of blues, country, rock, and even a hint of bebop.  Moreover, his soloing is always melodic and engaging to the listener.  Poxon’s voice is beautiful: clean, soothing and fresh.

The album kicks off with a classic, grimy blues in “Too Bad.”  The title track, “Tomorrow” is a slow, blues ballad featuring harmon-muted trumpet and bari sax.  “Carol Anne” is a Pure Prairie League-sounding southern rock tune that gives the album a hint of regional flavor.  “One More Time” is a nice pop ballad that adds variety to the album.  The album ends with a Kenny Burrell inspired jazz instrumental, “Jammin’ At Lakewest,” which shows that Poxon is equally comfortable in a straight-ahead jazz setting as in a blues context.

The album is rather long: 14 tunes, most of them ranging from 4-6 minutes in length.  That being said, each tune adds a special flavor to the album, and all of them are worth listening to.  This is a very good album, and has everything: a great band, a talented vocalist, strong compositions, and a fabulous guitarist.

The Review: 8.5/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Too Bad
– Tomorrow
– Carol Ann
– Jammin’ At Lakewest

The Big Hit

– Too Bad

Review by Nik Rodewald

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