Albany Down: Not Over Yet Review

Like a meteor headed straight for your radio, Albany Down propels to the next level with their second album, Not Over Yet. Building on the foundation of their debut, these Brits prove there is no sophomore slump in their vocabulary. Their undertones are classic rock-infused blues, with the glossy finish of a modern rock band. With heavy riffs, and an equally thunderous chorus, each track embodies the versatile capabilities of the band.

Equal part guitar, bass, drum and keys, each composition maintains its own layers of sophistication. The band’s contemporary take on the blues is exemplified in tracks like “Take The Town” and “Back Again,” which starts out with a Kashmir-esque synthesizer, and progresses into heavy guitar riffs. Their Eastern influence, and part Zeppelin re-envisioning, also plays out in “She’s The Light.” On “Man Like Me,” Turley shines on mandolin, giving this track a folksy vibe, still alluding to modern rock verse and chorus. Muir’s vocals range from sweet and melodic to hard-nosed and gritty, as in “You’d Better Run.” This track maintains the band’s signature catchy chorus, along with an excellent guitar solo. “The Working Man” is a powerful ballad, with lyrics that really resonate with Muir’s audience.

A refreshingly unique take on the blues-inspired classic rock era, Albany Down’s latest album gives us insight into their vision of who they want to be. Not Over Yet is a true testament to their style and ability. This is one band to keep on the radar.

The Review: 9/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– She’s The Light
– Not Over Yet
– Man Like Me
– Take The Town
– You’d Better Run
– Back Again

The Big Hit

– You’d Better Run

Review by Don Tice

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