The Weekenders: Don’t Plan On Review

The Weekenders from Salt Lake City, Utah self released their album Don’t Plan On in June of 2012. Upon first listen, The Weekenders are comparable to the likes of Jack White or Robert Plant. However, after a few listens you hear a raw, original rock ‘n roll sound. The Weekenders consist of Rob Reinfurt, Mike Sasich (recently added guitarist who mix mastered the album), Bob Melanson, and Shaun Thomas. 

Most of the songs on this album are an autobiographical extension of an incident involving vocalist and guitarist Rob Reinfurt who recently battled a federal court case concerning a conspiracy to traffic marijuana.

“Hard Woman,” the second track on the album, features female backup vocals which compliment the male vocals in this song. The lyrics are sexy and the sound funky. “Everyday and every night you rage, but you can’t keep away…break me down, all night long your love is wild…Hard woman bite my lip, she drives me wild, fight back her dirty words, she makes me smile; She’s all I need, all I need…” This track will stick with you long after it’s over.

“Twenty Armed Men” has a bouncy feel to it. “The man in my cage, can barely speak, pacing around, shaking with grief, blood on his hands, a sinister grin, and all of my questions, I can’t even begin.” Six black cars and twenty armed men are looking to take the singer to the penitentiary, and it sure does spark emotion in the listener. “Hold me down for a while, I’ll play your silly games, hold me down for a while, I don’t roll that way, hold me down for a while, I’ve got nothing to say…No time to say goodbye, don’t wait for me tonight.” “Twenty Armed Men” is another song that stays with you.

Other tracks on the album show that The Weekenders have an old school flare about them as well. “Open Lands” starts off very quiet, then becomes louder with a very psychedelic feel. It’s inspiring one to “leave town without a plan.” Another track bearing the older sound is “Alone.” You can hear Jim Morrison come through Reinfurt’s vocals. “Somatic Spirit” is an interesting piece in which Reinfurt played all the instruments in the studio version in one take, aside from the drums. It’s a great song to listen to while unwinding and letting go. “Penn Station” slows things down a bit. The mellow song with limited lyrics is a great ending to the album.

I wish I had heard of this talented band earlier. Their album is not to be missed. Unfortunately, The Weekenders only have one show booked at the end of March. They are rumored to be starting a small tour sometime soon. You can download Don’t Plan On for free on their website at

The Review: 9.5/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Hard Woman
– Twenty Armed Men
– Open Lands
– Alone
– Somatic Spirit
– Penn Station

The Big Hit

– Hard Woman

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Review by Dana Ainsworth

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