Laurence Jones: Thunder in the Sky Review

Laurence Jones is a new but welcome force in the world of blues rock. He and his band had a fairly busy 2012, with many dozens of live shows delivered, a big blues festival in the bag, and the recent release of his professional debut Thunder in the Sky. It’s an album that will impress while compellingly introducing one to a very interesting new name in blues.

This music is real and riveting. Jones ardently assumes his role as rock benefactor, breathing new life into the veins of dusty pretense and delivering honest, honed music that is very easy to appreciate. He does this with a resourceful steadiness that proves he knows how to guide a listener into his fold.

Jones is a man with a dangerously developed voicebox, and his band does a pitch-perfect job of backing him up. In addition to that, he’s got some serious skill on the guitar. His musical prowess blazes forth throughout Thunder in the Sky, an unstoppable meteor streaking down from the album’s raucous opener “Bad Girl” all the way to the ground-poundingly explosive finale “Going Down.”

Thunder in the Sky is a valiant effort the whole way through. The vibe varies from groovy, feel-good jams like “Not Stickin’ Around” to some all-out blistering volcano tracks like “Going Down.” The varied pacing and constant quality combine to provide a compelling invitation to get acquainted with Jones in this early (but already impressive) stage of his career.

The Review: 8/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– The Thrill is Gone
– Gotta Get Back Up
– Thunder in the Sky
– Going Down

The Big Hit

– Going Down

Review by Tyler Quiring

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