Cole Allen: Headed For Hollywood EP Review

Headed For Hollywood is the debut studio EP from young blood Cole Allen and his band. As with most emerging artists these days, an EP release is often regarded as the best way to get their music to the masses as it provides a selective sample of what is on offer without the complexity of a full album. This record does exactly that; it delivers five punchy tracks of well-rounded blues rock.

Allen demonstrates his apparent innate gift of guitar expertise right from the start. “Shoulda Known Better” is the first song to breach the speakers and it does so with an energetic gritty groove formed by the whole band. Craig Williams on bass and Paul Peterson on the drums lay down a tight rhythm, the perfect platform for Allen to stand upon. Allen’s clear crisp vocals also do the ensemble credit.  “Let Me Know” is the final song and the EP certainly finishes in the way it began, more of the lean and mean rock formula.

Without a doubt, watching this band live would be rapturous treat, they are sure to deliver what any avid blues rock fan yearns for. The only query is, can they produce a full album that keeps their musical essence, but also provides enough intrigue and refinement? With Allen at the reigns, I will definitely be keeping an eye out.

The Review: 8.5/10

The Big Hit

– Let Me Know

Review by George Ward

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