The John Pippus Band: Howl at the Moon Review

John Pippus is back for his full-length follow-up to 2011’s Wrapped Up in the Blues. This time around, however, he’s opted to include his touring band alongside his moniker, which is indicative of his more unified ensemble sound. The new album is Howl at the Moon, and turns out to be somewhat different from Pippus’ other work, but still exhibits his distinctive tendency to mix multiple styles into a pleasing album.

Howl at the Moon begins with its title track; an anthemic plea to let¬†oneself free and embrace life. The whole album has a positive, open-hearted vibe due in large part to the fact that Pippus and his band tracked the album live over one weekend in Bryan Adams’ Warehouse Studio in Vancouver. Overall, Howl at the Moon seems to be a more personal experience than Wrapped Up in the Blues Was, and the full band’s presence gives the music a lived-in sense of intimacy, creating a welcome atmosphere of familiarity that feels just like home.

The 12 tracks cover the blues mostly, but vary off the beaten path slightly into other genres such as folk and rock. Pippus’ music is more about conveying the interconnectedness of ranges of subject matter than sticking to one theme completely, and Howl at the Moon is no exception. This isn’t a bad thing, though, as the variation on the album keeps the interest level constant. The instrumentation is varied as well, but dependably well-performed, creating a convincing state of polish and professionalism.

Howl at the Moon (due out February 1) is a worthy listen, and one which will certainly hold your attention. As always, it has some stylistic twists and turns, but those are to be expected from Pippus and are indeed a defining feature of his music. His latest release is smart, pensive, polished, and inviting, and you owe it to yourself to give it a listen.

The Review: 8.5/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Howl at the Moon
– The Same Thing
– Those Five Days
– Whole Lot of Your Love
– This is Our Time

The Big Hit

– This is Our Time

Review by Tyler Quiring

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