Pinnick Gales Pridgen Review

With a familiar growl on the mic, this trio’s self-titled debut gives the Eric Gales sound a rejuvenated allure. With perhaps a darker perspective manifested in the album, Gales, along with Pinnick (King’s X) and Pridgen (Mars Volta) keep the blues alive and well.  The finished product comes off heavier than Gales’ recent solo work, more grunge with, of course, some rhythm and blues in the mix. This could well be credited to his new band mates, bringing along shades of their previous projects.  We all know the organized chaos that is The Mars Volta sound, and the high-octane rock King’s X put out.

The licks are hot from the get-go, starting off with “Collateral Damage,” a slow build up to a colossal solo by Gales.  Pridgen’s fillers are spot on, adding a layer of structure intrinsic to every track.  Pinnick’s bass shines on “Lascivious,” as do his accompanying vocals throughout the album.  The trio does Cream proud, in a hard-nosed cover of “Sunshine of Your Love.”  The big hit of the lot, “Hang On, Big Brother,” is reminiscent of Gales’ prior work, a soulful bluesy track with a meaningful message to boot.

The talent emanating from each member of the trio breeds life to the monster that is PGP.  One might correlate it to that of a fire-breathing dragon set to, in the words of Jack Black, melt some faces with their rock.  The album is a true testament to the unwavering passion each member brings to the table.  A solid set just begging to be heard live.

The Review: 8/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Hang On, Big Brother
– Hate Crime
– Lascivious
– Sunshine of Your Love
– Angels and Aliens
– Collateral Damage

The Big Hit

– Hang On, Big Brother

Review by Don Tice

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