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One Possible Option formed in Croatia in 2008.  They’ve had the advantage of utilizing years to tweak and test sounds on audiences, which is almost exclusively a debut-release privilege.  The result, Hey You, is thoroughly confident in its delivery.  From the moderate-paced march of “Big Black Eyes” to the angular, head-rocking “Ok,” One Possible Option use a balance between aggression and sensitivity.  Hey You is radio-ready rock.

The album’s opener (and perhaps its strongest track), “Big Black Eyes,” starts the session with an inviting, groovy beat.  Deni’s vocals sound tight and controlled.  “The Sky is Bleeding” opens with ringing, distorted chords and quickly shifts into a more riff-oriented formula, which most of the release follows.  Fuzzy bass lines are favoured heavily, as is heard on the intros to “Mountain,” “New Era,” and “Pain Soldier.”  “Reborn” and “Planet Earth INC” change the pace and manage to pull off a mellower feel without really changing the instrumentation.  Most of what is accomplished on Hey You is done through its melodies and through Deni’s passionate delivery.  The title track could be used as the most representative song of the album.  Riff heavy and testosterone-soaked, guitars crash together with muscular drumming.  Yells of “Hey!” fill the intro before the band’s bigger-than-us lyricism takes over:  “How do you feel/When you kill a man inside?”

The unfortunate thing regarding this release is that it’s just so darn comfortable.  One Possible Option find a formula that works and then repeat it and repeat it and repeat it.  The instrumentation never changes, and immediacy is always favoured over complexity.  Deni’s voice finds its place and stays there, and the guitar work also never wanders outside it’s comfort zone.

Hey You is a comfortable listen at worst, and an energetic, passion-fuelled declaration of personal values at best.  One Possible Option really do have one possible option for a follow-up album if they don’t want to release more of the same, and that’s to open up and explore their sound, to be a little riskier.  The group has potential to go a long way, and a little exploration would open up a few more options.

The Reivew: 7/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Big Black Eyes
– Hey You
– Reborn
– Planet Earth INC
– Pain Soldier

The Big Hit

– Big Black Eyes

Review by Richard MacDougall

4 thoughts on “One Possible Option: Hey You Review

  • Where can I buy the cd of this album or download the whole album. Its not on itunes, not on Amazon and there website only has a 4 song ep that You can Download.

  • @ Michael Gowan : Thanks for enquiring about the album. We are working on getting it on Itunes, in the meantime in a week or so the full album will be available as a free download on both the bands website and our bandcamp page! Cheers

      • Contact us directly on this email
        put ”For Deni” in the subject and I’ll make sure you get the link where you can get the full album for free.

        As for what I wrote before, unfortunately on SoundCloud we wont be able to put the whole album for download as we’re currently working out the publishing side of the material. The Album will be there for listening though.

        But as I said, you’ll still get it, just send the email 🙂 Cheers!


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