Gwyn Ashton: Radiogram Review

Born in Wales, raised in Australia, relocated back to the UK and still gigging all over the world, Gwyn Ashton is a true travelling maestro of blues rock. He has been on the circuit for decades and during that time he has supported and played with some truly prominent musicians in the blues rock world, a list that would be just too long to reel off. His latest album, Radiogram, was released late last year and in typical Ashton style, it emulates the core values of classic riff driven guitar mayhem and blues patterning, but does it bring something new to the table?

With the initial track “Little Girl” opening with the sound of a dusty record, it is apparent Ashton is in utter love with the classic analogue tone, a sweet memory of how things used to be. After 40 seconds or so this erupts into a grizzly onslaught of distorted ‘riffage’ with all manner of beastly drumming and solid bass lines one can hope for. This track is the pinnacle of the album.

Other tracks to look out for include the foot-stomping “Let Me In” and the rather impassioned “Fortunate Kind.” Both deserve merit for instrumental prowess, but like much of the album, the lyrical content just seems to be somewhat flat. The ambiguous lyrics within this album can feel a bit repetitive and monotonous, which is a shame. Having said that, it is certainly worth a listen as it is sure to enthuse any classic blues rock fans keeping it stylish and traditional as apposed to some of the modern day blues influenced bands.

The Review: 7/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Little Girl
– Let Me In
– Fortunate Kind
– Angel

The Big Hit

– Little Girl

Review by George Ward

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One thought on “Gwyn Ashton: Radiogram Review

  • January 19, 2013 at 6:41 am

    “Little Girl” rocks… the resonator opening followed by the big bad ‘riffage’… yeah. Nice touches of harmonica, too. Gotta get this so I can spin it on my show, MAYFLOWER HILL BLUES. Thanks for the eye-opener!


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