Pebbleman: Life Inside a Dream Review

Life Inside A Dream is the latest album by the South African band Pebbleman. Pebbleman is the alter-ego of Richard Pryor, the lead guitarist and songwriter, and there is nothing funny about this guy. Pebbleman bills themself as “110% Pure South African Rock.” South Africa is not exactly a hotbed of rock and roll music, so that a couple listens to the album and it is discovered that “110% Pure South African Rock” is 70s hard rock with some progressive rock, a touch of metal at times, and blues mixed in to create an interesting listening experience.

The thing that hits you right away when listening to this album is how skilled these guys are. Pryor can shred and he shows off his skill on this album throughout. Rob “The Gatekeeper” Stemmett is a fine bassist who is always holding down the fort throughout the entire album with his rhythm.  Kevin “The Emo Cowboy” Gibson pounds away at the drums in 7, 8, 13, and 11/8 time signatures. The later shows off some progressive rock influences, like Rush. Jess “The Pitchman” Jordan has a three octave voice range and he is quite keen on demonstrating that on the album.

For all their talent, and they do have a lot of it, something just feels lacking. Pryor’s songwriting is alright, but certainly not his best attribute. The songs tend to blend together and can be hard to differentiate at times. The problem may be that their live sound just does not translate onto record. The album just feels like it is missing that something that turns a decent album into something you want to listen to over and over again.

The Review: 7/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Life Inside a Dream
– Lil Angel
– Feel Your Love

The Big Hit

– Life Inside a Dream

Review by Charlie DuMez

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