Zodiac: A Bit of Devil Review

With a heavy metal thunder, Zodiac stomps onto the music scene, debuting A Bit of Devil.  One part grunge, one part blues, the collective efforts of Janosch Rathmer, Nick van Delft, Stephan Gall, and Robert Kahr make a noise all their own.  The band is reminiscent of an early Screaming Trees, with a raspy growl on the mic, as well as some classics like ZZ Top, in their blues-driven melodies.  They even pay tribute to Gibbons and crew in “Blue Jean Blues.”

Zodiac storms out of the gate with “A Bit of Devil,” the title track and stemming theme throughout the album, packing a gritty punch in all its distortional wonder.  This gives way to some more powerfully heavy guitar work on “Carnival,” complete with a prominent bass line to lead the way.  “Assembly Line” takes a lighter approach, alluding to more classic Zeppelin-esque bluesy riffs.  “Thunder” follows, taking the tempo down one more notch, only to build it up once again, in a toe tapping outro.  “Coming Home” is a roller coaster of highs and lows, flowing with soulful solo work by van Delft and Gall throughout all ten minutes.

Zodiac have arrived for the public ear to feast upon.  Offering something fresh to the blues scene, they boast a style both grunge and heavy metal-esque.  They know how to rev it up and slow it down, whether they kick up the distortion or hone in on each pluck of the acoustic, the talent evident in each respective member.

The Review: 7.5/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– A Bit of Devil
– Carnival
– Assembly Line
– Diamond Shoes
– Coming Home

The Big Hit

– A Bit of Devil

Review by Don Tice

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