Billy Walton Band Blog #2: The Flower Pot

I’m relaxing in Derby at the Flower Pot. This our second time here and we just wrapped up sound check. Last night’s gig in Evesham was a lot of fun. Our great friends, The Bad Boys, helped set up the show. We’ve done a few shows with them on previous tours.

We also had the pleasure of meeting the guys in the WT Feaster Band. They are an Indiana based band that are on the same label as us, Mystic Records UK. We’ll be doing 14 shows with them. We’ve never done an entire tour with another band so this should be interesting! If you believe in first impressions than everything should be fun because the WTFB seem to be a bunch of great guys! Very talented too.

Back to the show…. it’s always tough to fly all night, drive all day, then set up and play. I think we lived up to the challenge! Some of the new songs we played were “Deal with the Devil,” “Till Tomorrow,” “Night Turns Blue,” “Crank it Up,” and “Night the Deal Went Down.” I’ll try to remember to save the set list for future posts.


– William Paris, bass player, Billy Walton Band.

Pete Francis

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