Saidah Baba Talibah: (S)Cream Review

(S)Cream is Saidah Baba Talibah’s debut album, a native born Canadian who has been influenced by music ever since she was born. Both her mother and her uncle are Grammy nominated artists, and before Talibah went solo she was in a soul/rock group called Blaxam in the late 1990’s. (S)Cream combines Talibah’s talented vocals with a diverse blend of genres of music and instruments, that makes for a very interesting and fun album.

(S)Cream starts off with “(S)Cream,” which is by far one of the strongest tracks. Her vocals shine in this song, and are blended well with some strong guitar power chords. Her next few songs are a little less light hearted and have more of a rock feel to them, showing her range of vocals to adapt to different styles of songs. The album does a great job of making her voice shine through in each song, but accompanied with great music. “Good Morning Baby” probably shows off her voice the best with a simpler guitar part at the beginning and then a lovely string melody that comes in. It’s clear that Talibah knows a lot about music, because my favorite part of this album is how well she balances both herself and the music she sings with. No song on this album sounds the same, and they each showcase her vocals in a different and interesting way.

On her official website it shows that she just recently went to Hamburg, Germany for a music festival called the Reeperbahn Festival, which comes as no surprise, listening to her album it sounds like she has many different influences from all over the place. Talibah seems like a very diverse artist when you listen to (S)Cream, not afraid to experiment with new techniques and styles. Her debut album was a great listen and a sign that there is probably much more new and different songs to come from Talibah.

The Review: 8.5/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– (S)Cream
– High
– Good Morning Baby
– So Cool
– On My Knees

The Big Hit

– On My Knees

Review by Victoria Espinoza

Pete Francis

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