Claude Hay: I Love Hate You Review

One does not usually associate Australia with bluegrass music, but an Australian bluegrass singer does exist! Claude Hay recently released his third album, I Love Hate You, a great album that people should check out. Upon hearing it, I almost ran out and bought myself a Harley motorcycle! His music just clings to you. He is so talented that he can turn anyone into a blues rock listener. Also, he is a one man band. He uses looping technology to help create a steady rhythm and tempo throughout his songs.

My favorite song from this album would be “Best Days.” This song just had to be about someone Claude Hay was attracted to. The lyrics scream attraction, “the butter melts, when you raise that smile.” This person must be really attractive because only hotness melts butter. Then he says, “when you’re here, I’m not my best.” We usually put our best of selves around people we like. Claude Hay definitely had a crush at this point, or he could just be singing about his girlfriend. This was not the only song I enjoyed, I also I enjoyed “I Love Hate You.” Sometimes we have mixed feelings toward people, and this song perfectly explains it.

Adding to an impressive list of songs is Hay’s cover of the song “Come Together,” by The Beatles. It was a nice spin on the 60s classic by The Beatles, except that his version of this song has more of an edge. The song “Come Together” will always be a great foundation for musicians to be creative with, and Claude Hay did a good job. This is one great interpretation that people won’t forget.

This album was like finding gold for me because I needed some good, new music to listen too. I hope other people enjoy this album as much as I did.

The Review: 9/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– I Love Hate You
– Best Days
– Come Together
– Good Times

The Big Hit

– Best Days

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Review by Jon Zaccarini

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