Dan Patlansky Blog #5: The Acoustic Tour Continues

On Friday the 7th of September we departed from Andy’s house in Johannesburg for the rest of our acoustic tour.

Shannon Hope, our support act for the tour wasn’t joining us until Sunday so for the next two days we would have to see what the local small town talent had to offer.

We headed to the small town of Henley-on-Klip for what turned out to be a horrible show. We arrived to a sound check where we found out that the people there had no understanding of what an acoustic show is all about. The venue owner had booked two full band acts to open for us and we weren’t happy.

Shannon Hope

Eventually the show started and we did the best we could, but it seemed the crowd wasn’t there to listen and we thus started the tour with a very difficult show. At one point we had some feedback coming from the one of the monitors and when I asked the sound engineer to turn it down nothing happened. Pumpkin, our Tour Manager later told me that the sound engineer wasn’t even at the desk and that he had to go find him and shout at him to get back to the mixing desk.

Hanging out

The next morning we headed to a small town called Parys, which in English translates to Paris. We arrived at sound check and once again we were faced with a sound engineer who didn’t know what he was doing as he had just bought a brand new digital mixing console which he didn’t really know how to use. Pumpkin arranged for another sound engineer to come in and assist and the show in Parys turned out to be one of the best we’ve had. We were treated properly and they had actually read our tech & hospitality riders, which doesn’t happen often. We headed to Bloemfontein for a Sunday show and even though it wasn’t a busy show we still had a lot of fun.

The next day after a very early radio interview we hit the long road to Cape Town for shows there. We started off at Studio 7, which is a venue that is literally just a guy who sets up some PA in his living room and invites people to come and watch live music. This set up worked brilliantly for our show and I thoroughly enjoyed playing that show. People were able to see and listen closely and intently and pick up the subtleties of our show, and that is very important to me.

In the studio

After this we headed to Stellenbosch and Durbanville before we set out to Knysna to start recording at the beautiful Peace of Eden Studios. We arrived there to meet Howard Butcher who recorded one of my previous albums, and who is well known in South Africa as one of the best producers when it comes to recording acoustic guitars in the country. So to use him and his studio was the obvious choice.

After a hard night of sleep we jumped right in and started tracking the rhythm sections for the album. We decided that we wanted to get as much as possible done before we continue on tour and having a strong rhythm section down would make coming back later and finishing off the rest a hell of a lot easier.

Tomorrow we head to a town close by for a show and then we continue up the coast. We will keep you updated on how that goes!

– Dan Patlansky

Pete Francis

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