Albert Cummings: No Regrets Review

Albert Cummings has performed and recorded with Double Trouble so you know he’s legit.  No Regrets delivers another 12 tracks with a down home country influenced blues rock style that is uniquely his. Albert started out building custom homes and got a pretty late start as a recording artist; but he’s made up for that tardiness with five respectable albums since he crawled out of the proverbial woodwork.

Cummings said of the project, “This album is really who I am, as an artist and a man. It’s a return to my true musical roots and the first step in really defining my identity as a mature artist. I approached this with one intent – deliver a collection of great songs that I’ll be proud to perform for the rest of my life without feeling confined to a specific genre. I am a Blues man, and I will always be one, but inevitably that foundation now reveals a couple of other floors being constructed as the house rises” This is evident by the diverse collection of styles that Cummings covers in this album.

The CD starts right off with three straight up blues rock tracks. The first is the standout “Glass House” which is followed by another rocker with a standout solo – “500 Miles.” Next up is the Allman Brothers influenced blues “Eye to Eye.”  There are a few more rocking tracks farther into the album including “Your Day Will Come” and the very funky “Foolin’ Me” which makes great use of that infamous wha-wha pedal.

Albert also reveals his southern country influences with “Checkered Flag” which sounds like a southern rock jam that the Skynyrd boys would be proud to call their own that you might hear jamming in the parking lot at a stock car event. “She’s So Tired” continues the country influence with a slow ballad about woman at the bar who’s tired of understanding her inconsiderate man

There are a couple of tracks for the traditional blues fan also. “Mannish Boy” is a cover of the Muddy Waters original that has the signature driving syncopated rhythm with some fiery solo playing. “Drink, Party, and Dance” is a self explanatory fast paced shuffle about Friday evenings.

Albert started out as a bluegrass banjo player and superb picking skills are evident. He credits exposure to SRV in high school to changing his interest to the guitar and for that we are most thankful. All things considered No Regrets is a solid effort that leaves me with only one regret which is wishing there was more.

The Review: 7.5/10                                                                                  

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Glass House
– 500 Miles
– Foolin’ Me
– She’s So Tired

The Big Hit

– Glass House

Review by Kevin O’Rourke

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